7 Thank you notes in 7 Days – The iPhone Developer Program Enrollment!

Steve Jobs must have had fantastic parents. I’m assuming a lot of his commitment, will power, and unwavering dedication to his craft are intrinsic, but Mom and Dad are no doubt responsible for showing us how to ride a bike, chew with our mouth closed, and write a thank-you note. Well, seven days have passed, and I just received seven thank you notes from Apple (by email). My mother would have certainly made me hand write them and post them by mail, so I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. But it is 2009, so at the very least an email will suffice.


We recently enrolled in the iPhone Developer Program, and I’d like to briefly show you how it all went down.
We decided to enroll in the Standard Program, under our company Frypan Digital.

November 20, 2009 – Day 1

I went to the iPhone Developer Program website, chose our program, typed in some stuff, and clicked “Enroll Now.” Seconds later I received my first Thank You note, with our Enrollment ID.

Thank you for your interest in the iPhone Developer Program. Your enrollment request has been received and is being processed

7.5 hours later I recieved my second Thank You note, asking me to fax our articles of incorporation. No problem.

Thank you for your assistance.

Thank you,

iPhone Developer Program

Feeling good, I fax our articles of incorporation

November 23, 2009 – Day 3

On the third day we receive our third Thank You from Apple.

Thank you for submitting the information we requested to continue with your iPhone Developer Program enrollment

November 24, 2009 – Day 4
Day 4 we start off with a phone call from Apple verifying our phone numbers. Dude finished convo with “Thank you.” Thanks , dude.
Then we promptly receive another Thank you.

Thank you for applying to the iPhone Developer Program.
We have reviewed the information you submitted when you initiated your enrollment request and are now ready to instruct you on the steps required to continue with the enrollment process.

We are instructed to click thru and agree to some stuff. Cool.

November 26, 2009 – Day 6

Thank you for applying to the iPhone Developer Program. To activate, simply click on the Activation code link below

Umm….ok, it’s Thanksgiving…we get it. I click thru to pay for it.

Dear Apple Customer,

Thank you for shopping at the Apple Store!

November 27, 2009 – Day 7
Done! Enrolled! Finished! Thank you?
Sure, one more for good measure…give it to me…

Thank you for joining the iPhone Developer Program.

All told: 7 days, $106.21

You’re Welcome,



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