Mobile March!

It helps to know what you are good at and what you are not. It in turn helps to have little brothers who can pick up the slack. Thanks to Robby Holley, we were able to create a fresh business card for Frypan Digital. Five days and $72 later, through the help of Overnight Prints, we had one thousand business cards ready for distribution.

I gave one to my wife and one to my mom which left me with 998. Who to give em to next? Mobile March! If you are into mobile technology, this was the place to be. If you have no idea how to develop, like myself, there was a great Mobile Business track where only half of the stuff discussed went over my head. On top of all of the speakers discussing the newest, latest mobile trends, it was a prime place to network and meet locals with common interests. One new contact, and proud recipient of business card #3 was Steve Borsch of minnov8. They are devoted to showcasing Minnesota’s best in internet and web technology and have a very cool website you should check out.
Besides trying to build a super cool app, our main objective was to set out and learn as much as we can. We’re definately doing that.

Business Card Design: Dinner for Robby @ Saffron(dope!)
Business Cards: $72.00


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