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The Minneapolis Skyway Open

Every year in the Minneapolis Skyway, the Downtown Network hosts The Skyway Open. The Skyway Open, sponsored by US Bank features 18 one-of-a-kind putt-putt holes by various local architect and design firms. The cool thing is, the whole event goes to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities.

Frypan Digital thought it would be a great event to be a part of. We considered sponsoring a hole, but were short a few thousand dollars needed for the corporate sponsorship (see: all of our blog posts, to see why). Instead I contacted a director of the tournament and let him know that we’d be interested in contributing any way that we could.

Well the good folks managing the tournament were kind enough to let us volunteer at the registration table on that Friday. They let us work two shifts that night (6 hours), which was very cool, in exchange for letting us leave a couple fliers out at the registration table promoting our app. It was pretty good self-promotion, and we met a ton of really cool people, many of whom expressed good interest in the app. Sweet !

The thing we weren’t prepared for of course was actually designing a flier and then getting them printed. I was assuming it would cost a few hundred dollars just in printing. I spent an airplane trip from Florida to Minnesota designing the flier on Apple iWork’s Pages. They had some really dope templates to choose from. So I knocked it out.

Spending a lot of time in the skyway, I remembered a few printing companies, so I thought we should leverage and promote those businesses in the printing. I called up Alphagraphics and spoke with the owner, David Skinner, who turned out to be a super cool dude, and very eager to help. We asked that he print us a couple hundred fliers, and in return they could print their logo anywhere they wanted on it. Well I called David on a Monday, and he said, “There will be 2000 waiting for you down here on Thursday Morning.” Right on Brother! No cost. The quality was awesome, and they printed both sides; back side was a one page add for Alphagraphics in the Skyway. A great connection, and a great act of generosity on behalf of Alphagraphics.

Cost of fliers: $0.00



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