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The First Step – Dream Big

Years ago, a friend and I sat down for a beer to discuss an idea for a product that would clean your feet in the shower. A brilliant idea , for obvious reasons. I can’t really tell you too much more about the product, because I’m sure it’ll be on Target shelves in a few short ten years. But what I can say is, we got together that day to dream.  We met many times for years after that, drawing up ideas on napkins like the rest of the dreamers. Our ideas were great, but too costly to produce. We decided to practice patience instead, and keep spitballing ideas. It’s good for your brain, and good for your psyche. Healthy.

For the past twelve months, we’ve drawn up a few dozen different ideas for the iPhone… all of which are completely awesome. And most of which were already in the App Store. We pressed on. I learned quite a bit from the world wide webs and the fantastic bloggers out in the blogosphere about the development process. Mostly development in fact. Most of the excellent bloggers (whom I will reference often) are developers. They know their shit. I don’t know what they know. Speedbump? Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just go find someone who does know what they know. We’ll see. We kept drawing on napkins till we had it. Our idea (which I will share once we submit to Apple).

That brings us to today. I’m staring at a desk full of loose pieces of paper with stupid drawings and numbers and roman numerals and letters; some completely ridiculous in nature, others… moderately ridiculous in nature. But the piece of paper on top is where we start this blog. Our idea. On a piece of paper. From dream to paper to reality. Hopefully, we can bring the dream to reality. And I’ll share what I learn every step of the way.

Max Fischer once said, “I guess you’ve got to find something you love to do and then…do it for the rest of your life.”

For Max, it was going to Rushmore. For me, its drawing on napkins.



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