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Some Direction

I spent a lot of time researching before we made a real push to build a mobile app. One of the many sites that gave me great motivation, and was certainly inspirational, was from the fellas at GLSoft who put out Gifter. Gifter is a shopping app that allows you to send a gift (birthday, anniversary, etc) to almost anyone right from the phone. Pretty cool. But what was more interesting to me was how these guys built an iPhone app for $4873.92.

The transparency was insightful, and gave us a few things to think about. There were some cool links that led to details I hadn’t previously thought about; design, icons, hosting, etc. Now, they also happen to be excellent developers, so the only development cost was their time.

They did spend 62% of their “budget” on the Apple World Wide Developer Conference, which I’d like to think they probably could have done without. But maybe they can chime in here to expound on that decision. They probably could have titled the blog, “How We built an iPhone App for $1873.92” .

Either way, they went from this


to this


And that’s really the goal. There is clearly more than one way to do this. I hope to show you our way.

Now, first things first….a website?



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