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Our first submission was rejected by apple. I am sure it had something to do with the app being way too awesome, but Apple insisted;

“Minneapolis Skyway cannot be posted because it is a feature-limited version. Free or “Lite” versions are acceptable, however the application must be a fully functional app and cannot reference features that are not implemented or up-sell to the full version.”

Sounds to me like they are having a tough time wrapping their brains around such an advanced app. Its been tweaked, and waiting review again, but in the meantime check this out!

Our very lo-fi, lo-budget promo vid:

Tools for the vid –

1) Flip Mino HD – Previously Owned – Free
2) Simfinger by Atebits – Free
3) iShowU HD Screencast by Shiny White Box – $29.95
4) Psychic City by Yacht – $0.99

Total Cost of Shameless Self-Promotion – $30.94



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