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Approved! Want a free app??

Apple was kind enough to approve our app last week after we made some minor tweaks to it. And Frypan is pleased to offer it up to you for free today.

The Minneapolis Skyway app, for the iPhone.

The approval process was pretty simple, and the dudes at Apple worked pretty quickly. Both times it took less than a week.

What I didn’t realize is that when it is approved, it goes straight to the App store, for free. Which is cool. But we wanted to dial in the last bit of Marketing, and release it a week later (today). Some of you have gone through the “Developer Removed From Sale.” Luckily it was pretty simple to put it back on the App Store. Here’s how we did it.

1) In itunes Connect, click Manage Your Applications

2) Click the App you want to put back in the App Store

3) Click Edit Information

4) Click Pricing Tab

5) Check all the stores where you’d like your app to be available. Mauritius was an important market for us, for obvious reasons.

And that’s it. In less than two hours it was available in the App Store, and at about 4 hours it was searchable in the App Store and online.

I’ve got to Thank our most awesome developer, Jane Mitchell of Rainbow Rabbit. She’s poured a whole lot into this thing, to make it very cool and to work beautifully! She’s a fantastic developer and designer, and an awesome human!

From day one, we wanted to make something that would be valuable to both the fine folks who call Minneapolis home, while promoting the wonderful merchants who make a living in the Skyway. I feel we really accomplished that, and hope you guys think its as cool as we do!

Oh, and it looks very fresh on the iPad.

Cool story done by my new friend Anthony Carranza of Examiner.com. Check it out here !!




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Networking in 3 Steps – Landing a Developer

Step 1: Network

I’ve been working in the IT industry for a little over 5 years, primarily as a recruiter, for a company in Minneapolis called Concord USA (be sure to contact Concord for any of your Data Management, Integration, or Enterprise Architecture needs!!).


As a commissioned employee, I learned early on the importance of a strong network. Networking 101 in my book is defined as such: Reach out and connect with as many good people as humanly possible, establish a good relationship, and they’ll want to hopefully do business with you in the future.* Concord has given me an opportunity to do that every single day. It was through this work that I met the developer of our iPhone App, Jason Blood.

Step 2: Engage

Jason is one of the best .NET resources in the Twin Cities, and worked for us at Concord’s largest client at the time. The project was a huge success and Jason continued to land cool contracts at great clients around the Twin Cities. I’d reach out to him from time to time, just to stay in touch. Luckily, it was our connection on LinkedIN that informed me he was building iPhone Apps; he just finished developing uCook.

I called him to share our idea, and asked him if he’d like to be involved.

Step 3:
Do Deals

As a local Minnesotan, Jason quickly understood the vision for our app, and expressed interest in the development. Since we didn’t have a bunch of dough to throw at a developer, it was important for us to find a local resource with intimate knowledge of Minneapolis, and to structure a deal that could reap nice rewards for all parties involved, with minimal initial investment. For Jason’s fee, he agreed to a profit share, essentially a 50/50 split of all sales revenue.


This seemed more than fair to us, we didn’t have to pay a large sum up-front, and it assured us that Jason would give the development close attention, as he had vested interest in the success of the app.

*A common side-effect of networking = Getting connected to more cool and talented resources. Jason introduced me to Jane Mitchell of Rainbow Rabbit, who I’ll write more on later, and who is finishing up the design of our app.

Total development Cost to date – $0.00


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